Create the Future + the Innovation Handbook: Tactics for Disruptive Thinking

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Innovate Through Chaos, Crisis and Rapid Change

** 2021 Gold Medal Winner – Axiom International Book Awards ** 
** Featured in The Economist, Forbes, Fast Company, INC, Entrepreneur ** 
** Foreword by Malcolm Gladwell **
Create the Future is an exciting, highly-visual guidebook for disruptive thinking, innovation, and change, paired with The Innovation Handbook, an updated version of the award-winning book, Exploiting Chaos. The 360-page bestseller is loaded with the same tactics, tools and frameworks that Gutsche's team uses to accelerate 700 of the world's most powerful brands, billionaires, CEOs and NASA.
In short, you are capable of much more than you think, and our current period of chaos in presenting you with a unique window of opportunity.  COVID-19 has entirely reshuffled the deck, and changed consumer needs. Millions of businesses have already been disrupted, many more are about to fail, and yet, new consumer needs are creating an opportunity that could reshape your future.
Throughout history, we know that chaos reshuffles the deck, changes consumer needs, switches who is in the lead, and creates unprecedented risk and opportunity.  Chaos causes most people to retreat – but not always. Disney, CNN, Square, HP, Apple, Fortune Magazine, Uber and AirBnB are just a few examples of companies that started during periods of rampant chaos and global economic recession. 
Crisis and chaos CREATE opportunity, if you know where to look. The challenge is that your own success, neurological wiring, past decisions, and "7 Traps of Path Dependency" make it more difficult for you to realize your full potential.
In our post-COVID era of chaos and disruptive innovation, there are so many great opportunities within reach; however, most smart and successful people miss out because of these proven proven traps. If you could overcome these traps, what could you accomplish? How much more successful could your plans for innovation and change, actually be?
This unique, visual book, teaches you how to think disruptively, providing specific steps to create real innovation and change. This book combines Jeremy's high energy, provocative thinking with tactics that have been battle-tested through thousands of his team's projects advising leading innovators like Disney, Starbucks, Amex, IBM, Adidas, Google, and NASA.
On top of all that, this is a double-sided book, paired with The Innovation Handbook, a revised edition of Jeremy's award-winning book, Exploiting Chaos.
KINDLE UPDATE: Please note, this is a highly visual book, loaded with charts and graphs, which do not format properly on Kindle's technology. Accordingly, the author has removed the kindle version to prioritize the textbook and magazine-like experience to help you better find your next big idea.

From the Publisher

create the future + the innovation handbook jeremy gutsche businesscreate the future + the innovation handbook jeremy gutsche business

jeremy gutsche coverjeremy gutsche cover

Side 1: What great ideas are so close within your grasp?

Everyone wants innovation to happen, but it’s much easier said than done. Drawing upon Jeremy Gutsche’s extensive work as a trusted advisor to Fortune 500 brands, billionaires and CEOs, Create the Future will help you break free from the traps that stand in the way of innovation and change.

As founder and CEO of Trend Hunter, the world’s largest trend-spotting platform, Jeremy is well versed in what it takes to build something truly disruptive. Arm yourself with his tactics, and prepare to reach your next level sooner.

The Innovation Handbook Cover Jeremy GutscheThe Innovation Handbook Cover Jeremy Gutsche

Side 2: An Axiom Award-Winner and Amazon Bestseller, Revised & Expanded for Today

Downloaded as an ebook 400,000 times and delivered as an inspiring keynote with over 1.1 million views, Jeremy’s award-winning Exploiting Chaos has been updated and expanded to create The Innovation Handbook. Featuring memorable real-world case studies and plenty of thought-provoking questions to inspire next steps, it’s the perfect guide to turn your big idea into a reality.

Create the Future Landing Page Book Spread Jeremy GutscheCreate the Future Landing Page Book Spread Jeremy Gutsche

Create the Future FrameworkCreate the Future Framework

1. Ability to Change: In our busy lives, we can get stuck in a rut and miss out on powerful opportunities. It’s hard to make change happen, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

2. Culture of Innovation: When it comes to innovation, culture is more important than strategy. By embedding innovation in your organizational culture, you can set yourself up for future wins.

3. Opportunity Hunting: Innovation happens when you can cut through the noise and home in on the ideas that matter most. Learn reusable frameworks to direct your focus.

4. Adaptive Innovation: Today’s innovative leaders have mastered creative thinking. By adopting their tactics, you can too.

5. Infectious Messaging: Most marketers are stuck in a mindset of traditional advertising and clichés. To gain an edge on the competition, you must cultivate infection.

Publisher‏:‎Fast Company Pr (March 10, 2020)
Paperback‏:‎360 pages
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Dimensions‏:‎7 x 1.1 x 8.9 inches


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